is a boutique Program Manager providing our Worskshop, Program & Event Presenters, & Attendee Guests, with specialty access to unique venues, fine and flexibly sized accommodations, dining excellence and all the amenities needed to deliver deeply transformative and truly memorable experiences for Workshop & Event attendees.



As Eckhart Tolle describes in "A New Earth", our world is changing faster today than ever before as more people become aware of new states of consciousness and the fulfilling existences inspired through the discovery process.

From Tutors teaching students meditation techniques to improve test scores by a proven 16%, Mindful Hiking Clinics focused on rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit, Ayurveda Yoga Programs, Holistic Digestive Health and Rethinking the Science of Nutrition Seminars, to Pain Free Running Symposiums, Yoga Massage Certification Workshops, Sports Psychology Immersions, and Core Mindfulness Skill-Building trainings, OM Consultant's Presenters are as varied in what they do as they are as people. 

Yet, among them all is a common purpose: that connection, mindfulness, healthy living, education, athleticism and awareness are all keys to transcending angst, pain, and unhappiness and finding purpose, meaning and fulfillment in this life. 


Given the specialized needs of our Presenters, OM Consultants provides a unique bridge. 

With decades of hospitality experience in the luxury boutique hotel and luxury vacation rental industries, spanning the spectrum of venues from urban locations to beach, ski, and golf resorts... ALONG WITH...Decades of experience in the athletic, mindfulness, and education industries, OM Consultants offers Presenters, their Attendee Guests, and their boutique hotel and hotel residence hosts, a rare combination of multifaceted knowledge.

As a practitioner, allow OM Consultants to optimize your mission of delivering your knowledge more often and to a broader audience. 

As a boutique hotelier and hotel residence professional, allow OM Consultants to optimize your mission and bring more true experiences and richness to the lives of your Guests.